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We pride ourselves on creating equitable and accessible study-abroad opportunities for all student-athletes and students interested in sports and the health professions. So, if you are a coach, instructor, study abroad coordinator, or just passionate about students studying abroad, we want to work with you to create a custom program.


We offer custom programs at all of our study abroad locations. Custom programs can be outside of the typical session dates depending on the availability of the host institution. All offerings for our standard programs are included in custom programs, such as living accommodations, training facilities, classrooms, and more. 

Custom program groups have the option to take advantage of Sports Health Institute instructors and courses. Groups can also pursue a faculty-led model and bring their own instructor whom we can train to teach Sports Health Institute courses. These instructors can also teach their own material and simply enjoy the other study abroad offerings.  


With locations around the globe and the facilities to host whole teams or small groups of students, we always look to find new partners looking to create study abroad experiences for a group that deserves more opportunities in the international education space.


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