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SHI 100

Introduction to Student-Athlete Development

Our SHI100 course focuses on professional development and mental health awareness for all student-athletes. Using research as a foundation, we explore athletic and professional identity in a way that allows student-athletes to progress in establishing career goals and attaining necessary tools for personal growth. We also focus on supporting the transition athletes face from sport to the workforce. By the end of this course, student-athletes will have measurable and achievable goals that they can continue to build on.

SHI 101

Introduction to Mental Health in College Athletics

Our SHI101 course focuses on how mental health plays a role in the lives of student-athletes. Using research as a foundation, we explore mental health topics that are highly stigmatized in the sports community to normalize the adversities student-athletes face while managing a complex role in college settings. We emphasize the importance of support systems that are in place for student-athletes so they feel comfortable seeking help when needed. By the end of the course, student-athletes will have an increased awareness on mental health strategies, symptoms, and intervention options, including coping skills and tools they can implement.

SHI 102

Foundations of Sports Psychology

SHI102 focuses on research, theory, and application in sports psychology. Student-athletes learn key concepts and principles essential to understanding the psychological and behavioral aspects of sport and exercise. Utilizing a disciplinary approach, the course explores sports psychology’s theoretical, practical, historical, and ethical foundations. Specific topics include stress and energy management, mindfulness and relaxation in sports, mental skills training and mental toughness, and goal orientation in sports psychology.  The course gives student-athletes a broad understanding of sports psychology as both an athlete and future practitioner. 

SHI 103

Entrepreneurship in Sports

SHI103 focuses on developing entrepreneurial knowledge as a college athlete to succeed in starting your own personal brand, business, or nonprofit. Using research as a foundation, we explore entrepreneurial fundamentals to highlight the platform athletes have to now profit from their name, image, and likeness. We emphasize the importance of community-building, social impact, and financial responsibility in supporting our students to follow their passions and accomplish their aspired goals. By the end of the course, student-athletes will have an increased awareness of brand development, introductory business concepts, and entrepreneurship.

SHI 104

Sports Management

SHI104 emphasizes the management principles related to sports business through learning activities, professional profiles, and case studies. As a result, student-athletes will gain a strong foundation in diverse areas in the field of sports management. Topics include personnel, ethical and legal aspects of sports management, publicity and public relations, financial management, and an overview of career opportunities. In addition, the course educates and prepares students for successful and challenging opportunities within the greater field of professional and recreational sports management.

SHI 105

Leadership in Sports Organizations

SHI105 provides current and aspiring sports leaders with a strong understanding of effective leadership, the necessary tools to become effective leaders, and networking opportunities for those with similar goals and aspirations. As a result, student-athletes have the opportunity to learn and apply leadership principles within various sports organizational contexts. Emphasizing the importance of ethical leadership, students learn the value of vision, creating transformational change, and developing followers. In addition, the course explores organizational and systems theories to help students understand how to build and establish cultures that advance learning, growth, and success.

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